Raised On Songs And Stories. Monday 20th August


Logue’s Bar, Goose & Gander Pizzeria presents

Songs and Stories House Musicians will open the show followed by Teknopeasant

Admission: €5

Conor O’Kane, who also performs under the name of Teknopeasant is a songwriter, performance poet, banjo rapper and traditional singer from Derry. He has lived and travelled in England, France and Spain, and once spent ten years in the Donegal Gaeltacht, but his deep love is for the Sperrins of his native North West Ulster. Conor performs regularly at The Keady Clachan near Limavady and is a regular at Electric Picnic and Glastonbury Festivals, as well as recording around the world with the Never Records project.

His songs range from the humourous to the fiercely political, from heartfelt love songs about vanished architecture or hiring fairs, to tales of his misadventures in the world of organic farming.

A frequent contributor to BBC Radio Foyle he can be found this summer at Derry’s Maritime Festival, Swell Festival Aranmore Island, Stendhal Festival Limavady, the Kansas City Biennale, Logues of Carrigart and Electric Picnic

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